Yoga brings peace to our minds, bodies, and spirits.

While many of our training methods will improve your cardiovascular health, yoga is aimed at increasing strength, flexibility and overall agility, which make people who lead active lifestyles much less susceptible to injury. Yogic breathing techniques increase lung capacity and introduce greater quantities of oxygen into the blood, promoting the elimination of toxins and proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Practicing yoga unites the physical and cognitive aspects of your being to ensure a sense of inner peace and shorter, gentler recovery times after leaving workout sessions. We are proud to offer several different disciplines of yoga as private and semi-private lessons. 

Our Yoga Instructor

Alicia Willemet is a certified Shambhava Hatha and Swan River yoga teacher. She pursues teaching yoga and meditation full-time and has completed Advanced Teacher Training and several yoga immersions. Alicia has also led international yoga retreats and workshops in South American and Japan.