Everyone's physical needs are unique. At Future Fitness, our staff is dedicated to crafting a tailored training regimen just for you. We’ve worked with beginners and seasoned veterans alike, helping them each set and achieve their fitness goals.

Our trainers are experienced in resistance, flexibility, cardiovascular and neuromuscular training techniques which allows them to create a comprehensive training program for your body type and physical needs.

Resistance Training

Resistance training is movement that makes muscles contract against an opposing force with the intention of acquiring strength, tone, mass, stamina or weight loss. Some common forms are weightlifting, exercise machines, push-ups and resistance bands. 


Cardiovascular Training

Often called “cardio,” cardiovascular training is exercise designed to help you gain muscular ability by developing the performance of your heart and lungs. It allows better allocation of oxygen to your muscles, and can also help you keeping a healthy weight since it burns calories. Some forms of cardio include spin, power walking, running, biking and aerobic dance.

Flexibility Training

Flexibility training refers to exercising muscles in order to advance overall mobility in a series of joints. This can help improve posture, reduce soreness and low back pain, increase flow of nutrients to tissues, improve muscle coordination, and reduce risk of injury. 


Neuromuscular Training

Neuromuscular training, also known as plyometrics, is focused on gaining athletic performance. Clients receive private personal training in order to produce more power and quicker movements while at the same time improving nervous system function. This sort of exercise works muscles in a repeated, rapid sequence.

Our Personal Trainers

Chris Gendusa is the owner and founder of Future Fitness, who also works with clients one-on-one as an experienced personal trainer. He has over twenty years of experience in the fitness industry, and is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

Kurt Soileau is certified through the International Fitness Professional Association.He has been a personal trainer since 2000, and he is an elite power lifter in the 220 and 242 lb. weight classes, and is USAW and CrossFit certified.

Will Bujanda has been a certified trainer since 1998, and is also a certified USA Weightlifting coach. Specializes in strength and conditioning for all athletes, and was trained by the legendary Gayle Hatch. He has recently won 2015 Master Pan American Champion and Best Lifter in meet, 2015 World Cup Champion, and 2016 Masters National Champion.

Nicole B. Wise is an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer a certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer, kids coach, mobility coach and an Olympic Lifting trainer.

Caroline Zollinger has been training since 2008 and is a certified personal trainer. She uses exercise to help her clients reduce pain from previous injuries. Caroline is also pilates certified and one of our pilates instructors.

Melanie Griggs has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and is a certified personal trainer. She is also a Pilates instructor. She trains her clients with a focus on functional fitness for improved strength and flexibility.

Kristen Serio is a certified personal trainer through Athletics and Fitness Association of America. She applies an array of fitness methods to attain improved strength, mobility, and flexibility for her clients.

Luke Dalberg is a certified Personal Trainer with experience in collegiate strength and conditioning. He is a certified USA weightlifting coach. He uses functional movement screens to test for dysfunctional movements and uses special corrective exercises to address these dysfunctions.