Nutrition Consulting 



Our Nutrition Experts: Nicole B. Wise and Kristen Serio

What nutrition philosophy do we follow?
Nicole believes in basing nutrition from macronutrients: fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Your nutrition plan will be based from your individual daily allotment of calories made of a specific fat to carbohydrate to protein ratio.
What types of foods can be eaten on a macro diet?
The beauty of this diet is flexibility. You can eat what you'd like, if you stay within your daily allotment for each macronutrient. Nicole fully believes in sticking to natural, clean foods, but understands we do not always eat in that way. This diet allows you to stay on task even when you are out with friends or cannot eat clean foods.
Nutrition Plan Tiers**
1. Basic Macronutrients

$50.00 One time charge. At initial meeting will discuss: personal, physical information (height, activity level, etc.), Nutritional Goals (weight loss, more energy, etcs.). What macronutrients are and how they work, recommended foods to eat and how to work MyFitnessPal app.
After meeting, the client will receive custom macronutrient numbers that will help them reach their personal goals. Then the rest is up to them!

2. Macronutrients with a Push!

$150.00 a month. Same initial meeting at Tier 1 with the addition of measuring weight and hip/waist circumferences. The client will recieve their custom macronutrient numbers. Nicole and the client will connect through the MyFitnessPal app so that she may check on their progress with reach their macro numbers. The client may connect with Nicole at the gym or via text or phone call with any questions throughout the month. Nicole is there to motivate you and assist you in any way possible. Weekly e-mail check-ins will update Nicole on the client's progress with the diet, any physical changes, and overall on how they are feeling. If needed, an appointment can be made for a physical check-in once a week.

3. Macronutrients with a specific Meal Plan!

$300.00 a month. Same meeting as Tier 2. The client will have a menu set for them each week. This will include all meals that they need to create and consume each day to meet their goals. No meals will be provided physically, only written out. Meals will be based off of their food likes and dislikes as well as their eating patterns (1 meal a day vs. 7 meals a day)

4. All Ready to Go!

$300.00 a month + Cost of Meals per week. Same meeting as Tier 3. All meals will be cooked, packaged, and provided to the client every Monday of each week. What to eat and when, so No Guessing! Additional Snack options will be discussed.