Nutrition Consulting 



Our Nutrition Expert: Nicole Baronne

What nutrition philosophy do we follow?
Nicole believes in basing nutrition from macronutrients: fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Your nutrition plan will be based from your individual daily allotment of calories made of a specific fat to carbohydrate to protein ratio.
What types of foods can be eaten on a macro diet?
The beauty of this diet is flexibility. You can eat what you'd like, if you stay within your daily allotment for each macronutrient. Nicole fully believes in sticking to natural, clean foods, but understands we do not always eat in that way. This diet allows you to stay on task even when you are out with friends or cannot eat clean foods.
What do you get?
At $150 per month, you get a full nutrition plan including your macronutrients numbers, specific to you, as well as food guidelines and meal timing schedule to base each day off of. Nicole will set up a weekly appointment with you, if preferred, to take body circumference measurements, weight, and to simply talk about how things are going. You may have questions throughout the process, which she will answer for you. You also may need to alter your macronutrients numbers as time goes by. Basically, Nicole will keep you accountable on your individualized plan.