Dr. Curtais Chastain has developed three unique medical practices as options for patients to help manage their individual healthcare needs:

1. Lake Men’s Health Center
2. Lake Executive Wellness Program
3. Lake Platinum Executive Wellness Program

All three practices are based out of the same location, and are in partnership with the prestigious Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center.

Lake Men’s Health Center
The Lake Men’s Health Center (LMHC) is a membership-based practice designed to meet the medical needs of the busy adult male. The LMCH is for men who want easy access to a medical office in a timely fashion, in a manner that they choose (phone call, email, video, or even in person). It also provides a comprehensive, efficient annual health experience for men who want to prevent disease and premature death from cardiovascular disease or cancer. The LMHC launches May 1, 2016

Lake Executive Wellness Program
I developed the Executive Wellness Program in response to requests from corporations and business people who recognize that maintaining good health for themselves and their key employees is crucial to the success of their business. This unique program meets your needs perfectly by giving you the capability to have the most comprehensive medical exam available with lab and diagnostic testing followed by a one-on-one summary consultation, while only giving up half of your day.

Lake Platinum Executive Wellness Program
The Platinum Executive Wellness Program is an exclusive, fee-based medical program that offers the highest level of medical convenience and customized care imaginable. In addition to the comprehensive executive wellness exam, clients receive unrestricted access to me and my medical team 24/7/365. We deliver prompt and streamlined medical attention in a manner that you have never before received in healthcare. This exclusive program requires annual membership and is limited to 50 clients. 

Men's Health Center

7777 Hennessy Boulevard
Suite 101
Baton Rouge, LA 70808


For more: www.ololphysiciangroup.com/ewp